Thursday, November 5, 2009

Funny Toddler

The more Elyse can talk, the more I love it. She is a funny kid!! Here are just some things she has said recently.

Me: What are you doing Elyse?
EKK: Making a mess
At least she's honest

Watching Willard Scott on the Today Show wishing 100 year olds happy birthday.
EKK: What's her name?
Nana: Ester
EKK: What's his name?
Nana: Bob
EKK: What's his name?
Nana: Booker
EKK: I have a Booker in my nose.

Making up her own songs:
Ring around the mama,
A pocket full of mama,
A mama! A mama!
We all fall mama!!
(We spent at least 15 minutes at dinner the other night singing various versions of this song, with mama being replaced with everything from Nana, to Pappy, to Cup to flower)

The Jedi Mind Trick:
Rather than asking for anything, Elyse tells us what we want to do. For example, rather than saying "Please carry me" she will say "You want to carry me." This works for everything. "You want to give me some candy." "You want to play with my toys," etc. How can we argue when she is just telling us what we want?

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Rachael said...

"A booker in my nose!" LOL, that is too funny!