Thursday, November 26, 2009


We've started a gratitude journal with Elyse. Basically, every night (well, when we remember) she tells us what she is thankful for and I write it down. Not sure she quite gets it yet. Here are some of my favorites from the past few months

-cat on my jammies
-mama's shirt
-pee-pee and poo-poo
-bunny noodles (what she calls the mac and cheese I buy because it has a bunny on the front)
-pretzels (she says this one a lot, even when we haven't had pretzels in awhile)
-Ryan and his mama
-yellow baby and brown baby
-"that" (pointing to the air vent in her room)
-my shoes
-Sponge Bob cookie and his eye


Nina said...

This made me laugh! I love how random little kids are with their thoughts.

daniella said...

Beer, heaven and cupcakes: she's my kind of girl. It's like that country song "Got is great, beer is good and people are crazy." Amen.

KatolinFamily said...

That's funny! We were just singing that song the other night.