Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Madelyn-One Month!

It's hard to believe but Madelyn is already one month old today!! We went to the Dr today and she is up to 8 lbs 13 oz, almost two and a half pounds more than her 6 lbs 7 oz at birth.

What a great month it has been! My mom was able to stay for three whole weeks, and then Dennis took a week of his paternity leave after she left, so Monday was actually my first day on my own.

From the very start, Madelyn has been an easy baby. She arrived right when I told her to for goodness sakes! She sleeps A LOT, only seems to cry when she is hungry, getting her diaper changed or being placed in the car seat. We never had to struggle with any kind of day/night confusion. Her awake time is typically is around 7:30 until about 10 when I go to bed. She is a smart kid and knows the best time to get some attention is after her big sister is asleep! She is easy to console, much easier to get to sleep than Elyse was. She is a GREAT feeder, no problems with that. Overall, a fun and easy baby.

The only difficult thing with her is getting her to burp. Maybe she is trying to be proper but it's difficult to get a belch out of her, even when I can tell she needs to burp. Oh, and she has a little case of baby acne, just practicing what it will be like as a teenager.

And as I type this now, she is entertaining herself on the floor, making her first little coos. It is a beautiful little sound!

My goal is to keep these updates going, at least for the first year and take pictures of her on the 11th too.


Angela said...

Gorgeous sweet girl!

Kerns Family said...

I can't believe she is a month already, time sure flies!