Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Big 3-0

Last week, I turned 30. I guess it is supposed to be one of the "big" birthdays. Maybe I was supposed to feel old, and assert to everyone that I'm actually still 29. But, I feel great, and while it is a little weird to say I'm 30, I'm happy to be here!!

We celebrated with a little shindig when I was still visiting my parents with my friend Brandi and her family. I don't think we remembered to take a picture.

On my actual birthday, Elyse and I celebrated with cupcakes from Wegmann's. It's a grocery store, but they way everyone around here talks about it, you would think it is a step away from heaven. It is pretty awesome and we got some stellar cupcakes. Then Dennis left 30 notes for me around the house with 30 wonderful things about me. It is a great present!! I still haven't found them all. I can't believe what a great hider he is. And they seem to just appear out of the blue. So that's fun. I think once I find them all he is going to have to hide some new notes because I love the suprise of a little note falling on me as I take something out of the closet.

Last night I celebrated with a "Girls' Night In" with a bunch of friends here. I feel really lucky to know so many great women after just a few months here. There is certainly something special about military wives. We bond strong and we bond fast. We had a great time. Everyone brought something sweet so we had a table full of desserts. AWESOME! (Although I did wake up this morning feeling kind of sick). I think I'll have to stay away from chocolate for awhile!

So hello 30! So glad to see you!! My mom tells me that the 30s were some of her favorite years, and I can't wait to see what they have in store for me!

Here are some pictures from the party last night.

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Rachael said...

I agree -- I don't understand all the fuss about 30. Aside from a few gray hairs, and a lot more responsibility, I don't feel a day older than 20!