Monday, January 4, 2010

Elyse at 2 and a Quarter

Since I'm trying hard to do monthly updates on Madelyn, I though I should some updates for Elyse too.

Where to begin?! Our sweet little girl amazes us every day. She talks like crazy, definitely in sentences and often in paragraphs. Often, it sounds seems like she can't keep her thoughts in her head and talks out loud. And, she's started not just talking for herself, but for Madelyn (who has a surprisingly deep voice) and her babies (you know a baby is talking because they bounce up and down). She has a great sense of humor and can even come up with her own jokes (often potty humor) and make up her own version of songs, often to the tune of Wonderpets (a definite favorite on the TV). She can recognize her letters and can even "read" some words like Elyse, Mama and Pappy.

Elyse loves Madelyn, but really doesn't give her much attention. She has just started showing a big of jealousy, wanting me to carry her all the time.

Elyse loves her friends, is super social, even with strangers. The other night, we left a restaurant and she (on her own) went up to our waiter and said, "Thank you for bringing us our food." She's super polite, saying "No Please" instead of just "no", which is especially funny during a tantrum. Just the past week or so, she loves to color, and I hear throughout the day, "Do you want to color with me, Mama?" She can draw a mean circle.

But in the past month or so, we've seen some real "two" come out in our little angel. I figured since she has communication down so well, we kind of missed the tantrum stage. Boy, was I wrong. We have a strong willed girl (will be great when she's strong-willed for the right things). Of course, things are worse when she is tired or hungry, but she has gotten really upset over things we just know aren't a big deal. For example, at my parents house, we were cleaning up the cards from the memory game. I asked her to put one last card in the bag. She refused. I gave her the option of sitting on the rug (time out) or putting the card away. She still wouldn't put it away and ended up in time out YELLING at the top of her lungs for a good hour (or at least it seemed). She understood that all she had to do was put one little card in the bag and she could get up, but she was stubborn. FINALLY after screaming and crying for a LONG TIME she gave in and put the card away, but I certainly commend her for the fight. Sometimes, I just want to give in, but I know in the long run, we know we can't reward the bad behavior (but I must say, it is harder to judge those parents in public who give in to their screaming toddler!)

She is a picky eater, ordering mac n' cheese everywhere we go. A great shopper, often telling me to buy "both." Loves going "anywhere" (because I say we're not going anywhere) and enjoys her weekly outings with Dennis to McDonalds.

I love that she gives great hugs and kisses and occasionally will sit and cuddle with me. When she is upset or shy, she says "I want mama" even if I'm holding her. I can get old sometimes, but I know I will someday miss hearing that in her little toddler voice.

We are truly smitten by this little person that made us a family of three and can't wait to spend many more two and a quarter years together!


Cindy said...

Beautiful, Andrea!

Angela said...

She's a gem! So happy ypu got the city you wanted.