Sunday, January 24, 2010

Erica's Magic Potion

My friend Erica recently shared her "recipe" for this face oil she got from her cousin.

It uses "essential" oils. It seems weird, especially for this acne prone girl to put oils on my face, but after using it for about a month, I'm a believer!!! My face has really cleared up and the occasional breakouts I have gotten seem to go away faster, my pores are smaller, my skin feels silky smooth. We have everyone here using it now! Make-up goes on smoother and stays on longer. I highly recommend giving it a try!

Here is the formula:
10 Drops vitamin E oil
15 Drops tea tree oil
7 drops lavender
Fill the rest of the bottle with grape seed oil.

The bottle we use is small, not sure of the size (anyone know?). It comes with a dropper and I wash my face like normal and rub one dropper full on at night and one in the morning.

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Rachael said...

It's a 1 oz mixing bottle. I'm liking my magic potion too, even though it is taking some getting used to, smearing my oily face with more oil!