Thursday, January 21, 2010

Madelyn-3 Months

So much for keeping up on the monthly updates on Madelyn, but at least I'm not too far behind!

What to say about our sweet little girl?! She's awesome! Lately, she is full of smiles and coos. She smiles at anyone and everyone she comes across. We can finally tell that she is "of this world."

I guess I haven't posted this sooner because there's not much new to report. OH, she's getting bigger...up to 12.8 lbs already. She's doubled her birth weight. She takes three naps a day, and if I'm lucky, a nice long nap when Elyse takes her nap. These girls love their mama. :)

I have discovered that she doesn't sleep as much with caffeine in her system (another way she's just like her pappy) and I've begrudgingly reduced my coffee intake to a half a cup a day. But I'm more than willing to do it if it means I get a nap in the afternoon.

She still wakes up a few times at night to eat. Oh, and we've started giving her a bottle. After a few days, she now sucks it down. Woo-hoo! Mama has some freedom!!

Oh, and she loves her sister...

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