Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My Binder

I recently bought the book Steady Days. I have really enjoyed it. As a stay at home mom, I know this is my profession for now. I want to be intentional with my days, focusing on the goals I have for me and my girls. This book is written in short chapters with some practical tips that are easy to apply.

The biggest one I took away for now is the "Steady Days Binder."

(Now I have to share that as soon as I showed this binder to Dennis he smiled and said, "You are too much," He doesn't understand my need to plan, form lists, organize my time. But he loves me still).

The first section has our schedule for the day. As totally rigid and planned as this looks we keep things pretty flexible. Obviously I don't have control over everything (although lately, if I could have one superpower it would be to get the girls to sleep at the snap of my fingers). So, this is just an outline. Part of the point is to get me into the habit of doing this like exercise. I have it fit into the day so it is easier to make it happen.

Then a weekly planner. I plan out my weeks on Sunday so that's when I fill this out. Places for dinner plans, work plans, exercise and a weekly to-do list.

A commissary (grocery) list. I can write down things as they come up and then just grab the list and go.And a place for memories...to record the little stories I tell and people say, "you need to write these down." The binder just stays in the kitchen so it's right at my fingertips as soon as one of the girls does something cute.

I'm going to add a list of our go to dinners to make meal planning easier. Probably some other stuff too as I think of it or need it.

I bought some cute letter stickers to give this binder a name. I just haven't come up with anything I like yet. Any ideas?

Oh, and on another note, I made a schedule for our day to hang up in the house. I remembered from working in preschools how important prediction and routine is for this age (and I love a good routine myself). It's been great. Elyse can go look and see what's next.

What a Great Pappy!

The other day, Elyse randomly said to Dennis, "Pappy, you're a great pappy." And he certainly is!

Here's a shot of Madelyn and Dennis hanging out.

And today Dennis was brave enough to let Elyse paint his toes. I doubt that there are many Marines on this base with red toenails. (Don't let any of them know...I'm not sure what it would do for his reputation.)

She didn't do a half bad job.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Madelyn Joy...4 Months!!

Ok, so I know this is what I am supposed to say but, "FOUR MONTHS! Already?!!"

It certainly is hard to believe.

Our little baby has been up to a lot this month. She rolled over last week. Her little arm is still stuck underneath her, but she makes it from her back to her belly so that counts!

On Wednesday, she had her first full out belly chuckle! What an awesome sound! I've been doing everything I can think of since to make her laugh again, but I've only gotten big toothless grins. (I am certainly happy with those too!)

Her hair is growing and has not fallen out yet! Yipee!

Sleeping is pretty good I guess. She's started getting up two or three times a night. I'm not happy about that but she goes right back to sleep. I'm sure part of it is my fault because I lay her down asleep, but I don't know what else to do at this point. I'm not ready to let her cry it out yet. I've tried it for ten minutes or so and she ends up wailing so I think we'll wait on that. So for now, we have several late night meetings, but at least I know they won't be forever!

Naps are better. I can put her down when Elyse naps, she'll wake up and if I catch her before she is fully awake, I can get her back to sleep for a LONG snooze.

Finally posting this on Feb 22...

We went to the Dr. today. Here are the stats:
14 lbs (80%)
24.25 inches (70%)
Head: 41 cm (50%)

She was 50% across the board last time so I guess she's speeding up on her growth a bit (possibly from all those middle of the night feedings).

Not sure how her head is still in the 50% with this family...we all have huge noggins. Well, my mom is about the only one who doesn't have a huge head so maybe this is something she gets from her.

The doctor said she is perfectly healthy and happy. And recommended I look into reading this book.

Boy, do we love our baby!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Great Snow of 2010!

I guess the Katolins just bring bad weather to northern Virginia.

When Dennis was here in 2003, I came to visit and one of the biggest snowfalls in forever came. I think there were about 24 inches that time. It worked out though, because my flight was canceled and we got to spend extra time together.

That summer, we were both living here and a hurricane came. Isabela was her name!

And now, there has been a RIDICULOUS amount of snow here. Crazy! It snowed 20 inches or so the day before we were scheduled to fly out for Christmas (leading to the seven hours of waiting in line at the airport).

And this weekend, it snowed about 20 inches here!!! This area doesn't really know what to do with it. I think St. Louis typically gets a lot more snow than here. We just bring some luck!

Considering we were stuck at home, we had a pretty eventful weekend.

Madelyn rolled over....

And we started potty training with Elyse...(some successes, some accidents, but forward progress!)

Our yardstick measure at 20 inches!

Enjoying SMORES! The perfect snowstorm snack!