Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Great Snow of 2010!

I guess the Katolins just bring bad weather to northern Virginia.

When Dennis was here in 2003, I came to visit and one of the biggest snowfalls in forever came. I think there were about 24 inches that time. It worked out though, because my flight was canceled and we got to spend extra time together.

That summer, we were both living here and a hurricane came. Isabela was her name!

And now, there has been a RIDICULOUS amount of snow here. Crazy! It snowed 20 inches or so the day before we were scheduled to fly out for Christmas (leading to the seven hours of waiting in line at the airport).

And this weekend, it snowed about 20 inches here!!! This area doesn't really know what to do with it. I think St. Louis typically gets a lot more snow than here. We just bring some luck!

Considering we were stuck at home, we had a pretty eventful weekend.

Madelyn rolled over....

And we started potty training with Elyse...(some successes, some accidents, but forward progress!)

Our yardstick measure at 20 inches!

Enjoying SMORES! The perfect snowstorm snack!

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