Sunday, March 7, 2010

My little cupids

Ok, so I know this is totally late, but I just realized I never shared my cupid pictures here.

Since Elyse was born, I've dressed her up every Valentine's Day as a cupid. Valentine's Day is my favorite holiday (pink and red together, hearts, chocolate, how can you go wrong?!).

And this year I had two little cupids! It was right in the middle of being snowed in our house for FOREVER so it was something fun to keep me entertained.

Elyse was a little more cooperative last year...
And here's a shot of my two baby cupids together. Except for the dark hair, I don't think they look anything alike. (Which is kind of fun to's cool to see a totally different mix of our genes).

And on a totally unrelated note, I found another picture I haven't posted here yet. It's of my genius husband. Remember the 2o inches of snow we had last month? Well, we didn't have a snow shovel and of course every store was sold out. Dennis went to Lowe's for one last look before the snow came. When he couldn't find a shovel he noticed this industrial sized dust pan (thank God we don't have that much dust). He had a stroke of genius and decided to buy it along with a broom stick. With a little duct tape he created our very own custom snow shovel. And would you believe it worked?

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