Sunday, April 18, 2010

Madelyn 6 MONTHS!

Happy Happy Happy! Joy Joy Joy!

Madelyn truly lives up to her middle name. She is a happy baby.

Each morning when I go to get Madelyn out of bed, I know I will be met with a big grin. She does the same when I get her out of the seat in the car. She has the same huge smile for Dennis when he walks in from work in the afternoon. Her mouth opens wide in the biggest smile possible and just holds her mouth wide open!

Madelyn is starting to love her toys. As I type, she is sitting on Dennis's lap (watching the Cardinal's game as in the picture above) shaking a rattle up and down. Her toys and exersaucer keep her entertained for awhile. If she drops a toy or it gets out of her reach she cries until it is back in her hand. She tries to bring everything to her mouth.

On her tummy, Madelyn can push herself up onto her hands. She can roll back and forth. I think someday soon she'll be able to sit up on her own.

Sleeping at night was going well until she got a little cold. Then we just felt bad for her if she woke up at night and coughed so I nursed her. Now we have fostered bad habits and I'm just not ready to do sleep training again. Unlike with Elyse, I really don't mind this time. I think it is because I realize it won't be forever and if she isn't sleeping through the night it isn't because of something I am doing wrong.
Madelyn is still a screamer at times and loves to make raspberries. Peek-a-boo cracks her up, along with Elyse singing silly songs.

At the Dr. this week, she weighed in at over 15 lbs! Her length percentile went up to 90% from 50%.
Surprising for her age, she has already learned to steal jewelry. When my mom was her, Madelyn managed to take one of her earrings out without her noticing. The other day, she pulled a pendant off my necklace. I didn't notice until I was ready to feed her and saw it in her hand.

She has a bit of eczema. The doctor suggested I try going off dairy for a week to see if that helps. Apparently a food allergy can cause eczema. I've been off it for a few days and we have already noticed an improvement. I'll probably write more about that later.

We are really starting to see a little personality in our little girl. She is fun and happy. Observant and calm.

We love this little munchkin and we are so thankful she is a part of our family!

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