Sunday, May 23, 2010

Madelyn-7 Months!

I know this is late, but I blame being in the middle of a cross country move...that's a good enough excuse right?!

Lots has gone on this month...

Madelyn has become a little cheerleader this month. She can CLAP and it is her favorite thing to do. She can even clap on command (when she is in the mood of course) and it's great to see the grin on her pretty little face. She is so proud of herself!

She can officially sit up, very fun for her. Just in the past few days, she can sit for a long time without too much of a need for me to catch her. She still has had some spills (once while I was going to get a pillow for behind her to prevent her from having a spill...oops!).

Teeth must be coming!! For about a month we've said she's teething. I guess that's how teething goes. She had a low fever for a few days and I thought teeth must be right there but nothing has poked through yet.

Food is getting to be more of a regular thing. She eats cereal, sweet potatoes, peas, bananas and some pears. Madelyn isn't a ravenous eater yet though and will only eat a little at a time. She does love banging her hands on the tray as she is waiting for food.

She loves peek-a-boo and will pull a towel off my head to find me. LOVES that game! We also play a game with the mirror where she looks back and forth from the mama in the mirror to the real one (an there are many days when I wish we really DID have two mamas! I'd give my clone the night feedings).

Speaking of night feedings, my little baby who slept through the night is up again. Mostly my fault I guess. She seemed sick, and I figured she MUST be teething so I felt bad to let her cry at night. And now we're moving so I figure there's no point in training her now. I think Dr. Ferber would give me a slap on the wrist for nursing her back to sleep at night.

Madelyn is such a happy baby!! She has a smile for everyone she sees. She is willing to let pretty much anyone hold her. She loves to explore and touch new things. When she sees something she really wants, she suddenly will grab for it and move it directly to her mouth. Sometimes it hurts when that something is my face. I think we are really going to have to baby proof the house once she starts moving.

When Elyse is in the mood to give Madelyn attention, Madelyn squeals and smiles like she won a million bucks!

Her hair keeps hasn't really fallen out much (just a little spot in the back but she has so much growing above the spot it covers it up). She still loves to yell, especially in the commissary. People stare and wonder what I am doing to my poor little one. She sleeps on her tummy. Has nice chubby thighs. Will tire of a toy after a short while. Loves it when I kiss and tickle her under her chin. Kicks her legs like mad when Dennis comes to get her.

Oh, and she does crazy things with her tongue. (See it in the pic above?) Can turn it totally sideways, sticks it out, sucks on it. Funny.

We LOVE LOVE LOVE this baby girl.

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Nina said...

Ferber shmerber -- what is the point of nursing if you can't use it to your advantage in the middle of the night?? ha! He'd be slapping my hand (every night) as well. Good luck with the move. Great pictures as always!