Thursday, June 3, 2010

A Leftie?????

I've always kind of liked being left-handed. Not sure why. I guess it was just a way to be a little different without being too different.

And so I want a left handed kid too. Not sure why about that either. Elyse is definitely a rightie but I think there's hope with Madelyn.

Her little tongue is always moving around and often sticking out. I started noticing that she always sticks it out to the left. Hmm...I thought...maybe her tongue moving to the left indicates something about her handedness.

My mom and I both experimented and our tongue-side-preference (a technical term) matches our handedness.

So here's a survey for all of you. Please stick your tongue out and see what side is more natural to you. Does it match your handedness?

Thank you for your time. :P


Nina said...

how interesting. i am left handed and my tongue went to the left!

Simone +Jarrod said...

right handed here and my tongue went to the right! cool! btw I think Rob might be a lefty, too.