Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Madelyn at 8 Months

We have a talker and a mover now...

Well, sort of.

Madelyn has started to babble like crazy. She started with "ba, ba, ba" and has added an occasional "ma, ma" and "da, da" into her repertoire.

She can scoot around on her tummy, even if it is just backwards and on a slippery floor.

She can sit up like a champ now, enough that I feel comfortable leaving her on the (carpeted) floor to walk into the next room.

She loves her toys and has started sleeping with a baby the past few nights. It keeps her entertained until she is ready to fall asleep.

She loves to clap, and times it perfectly like as soon as Elyse finishes singing her 323rd rendition of the Barney song.

Madelyn smiles a lot and her smile is so cute, just straight across. It's still a toothless grin.

She loves seeing new people and made some friends playing peek-a-boo on our plane trips.

She is back to sleeping through the night again after just a night of training.

She loves books, especially ones with pictures of other babies and will grin like crazy as soon as we crack one open.

She is the perfect little size to carry around on my hip as we get stuff done around the house together or walk to get the mail.

Madelyn kicks and grins and squeals when we go to get her out of bed.

Her eyes are super dark, not sure on the color yet. It was kind of cute...a little Marine at the commissary (by little I mean probably just 18) looked at her and commented on how dark and pretty Madelyn's eyes are. He concluded they are olive colored.

She is eating more and more foods, cereals, bananas, applesauce and some veggies.

She needs a clippie to hold the hair out of her eyes.

As I say every month, this baby is truly a joy in our lives and we are so lucky she is part of our family!

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