Wednesday, June 23, 2010


One of my favorite things about moving is having a whole new house to decorate!!!

If only I had unlimited time and unlimited money!

I've been checking out the blogosphere and here are some of the projects I want to do. Hopefully I'll post some of my finished projects sometime before we move out of this house!

-A practical way to display some cute fabric on a dry erase board
-I have a table that's all nasty from being outside. I want to repaint it and put it on the front porch. This blog has some great steps for making it look great.
-I have started keeping all the girls' books in baskets on the floor. I like it better than on the shelf because they are a lot easier to see and for Elyse to get. I might try this method too. I like that you can see the fronts of all the books.
-I have a spot in the playroom to set up a little art area. It won't be nearly as elaborate as this one, but I do plan to buy some of the same storage stuff they have...I'm pretty sure it came from Ikea (we're saving up a bit before I'm allowed to head there!)
-Might give these a try. I'm not sure where yet.
-I've been looking at the vinyl decal trees all over the internet and they are super expensive! I ran across this blog where she made it herself with a sheet. I might give it a try in Madelyn's room!

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Cindy said...

Your blog looks so pretty! How'd you do that?