Thursday, July 8, 2010

4th of July

We had such a great 4th of July!!

It started off with me sleeping until 9:30!!! That's unbelievable folks...a whole four hours or so more than a normal night's sleep. Dennis got up with the girls and I enjoyed my extra shut-eye.

But, the neighborhood had a bike parade scheduled and we were supposed to be at the meeting spot at 9:30! Oops!! Luckily, the parade didn't start until 10 so we made it out the door in time to join the rest of the neighborhood crowd.

I had great plans to embellish this wagon and win the prize but it obviously didn't happen. Maybe next year.
Elyse loved the "harade" as she called it.

Then, while the girls napped, I ran out to World Market to get this chair I ordered weeks ago. I put it together and LOVE having it here in our playroom. In fact, I'm enjoying the chair right now. Looks like Madelyn likes it too.

(Part of the reason I slept so late was because I had stayed up to make the pillow on the chair in my newly set up sewing space in the garage).

Dennis went on a run and wore a bunch of his Marine Corps gear because he is hard core. Elyse had to try on his flack jacket (I think that's what this thing is called).
For dinner we joined the neighbors down the street in a classic block party. We had a great time. Elyse asked if she could go to a party every day. Both girls stayed happy well past their bedtimes and we met a lot of our neighbors.

Then we came home, put the girls to bed and got ready to enjoy some fireworks(E: "Can we walk on fire walks?"). Elyse wasn't asleep yet when they started so we plucked her out of her room, grabbed some lawn chairs and sat and enjoyed the view from our street. Elyse was scared at first and didn't even want to come outside but she eventually got used to the idea (with some great coaxing from Dennis) and the three of us enjoyed the show. We were really lucky to get a pretty good view. Once it was all done we plopped her back in bed. She loved them, said the pink ones were her favorite and asked to see fireworks again sometime.

Great day!

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