Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Best Breakfast Ever

Since I've stopped eating dairy, I've had to adjust my breakfast a bit.

It's a good thing because I've become addicted to this combo.

Oatmeal with fresh blueberries, walnuts, granola from Trader Joe's, brown sugar and this stuff (also from Trader Joe's)
Sounds kind of yucky but it adds a good texture and a bit of a nutty taste to the granola.

And on special days, I forgo the usual Duncan Donuts Coffee (love it too!) for some of this blueberry coffee from New England Coffee Company. My friend facebooked one day about her love for blueberry coffee. I commented that she was a weirdo and that blueberry coffee didn't sound very good to me. But even after my insult, she decided to be a good friend and send some my way! I LOVE it! It has just a touch of blueberry flavor and smells FABULOUS! And the whole house smells great all day.

This yummy combo helps get me out of bed each morning. And life is especially good when I am able to sit and eat it before both the coffee and the oatmeal get cold. Every once and awhile my two little beauties give me that treat! :)

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Angela said...

You and your berries!