Friday, July 16, 2010

Elyse at 2 and 3/4

It's hard to believe we are only a few months away from three!!!

Our little girl is growing up and has adjusted well to life in California. She has become such a sweet, fun and loving little girl, with some "sass" thrown in!

What to say about our little girl?

Here's a list:

-We've started going to "school." It's a mommy and me program twice a week for an hour. E loves it! She especially loved being the helper. She held the flag and helped count the days on the calendar. She listens really well, sits on her mat and answers the questions. She was so excited that the teacher let her use glue to make a monkey (he was named "gluey" in honor of the experience).

-Elyse says lots of words in a British accent like "clock" and "water."

-She still loves playing with her toys, especially the little people and stuffed animals. She will make them talk, interact and creates lots of little fun stories for them.

-It's funny to us when she uses some "grown-up" phrases. Like, "I'll get it for you if you don't mind" or to Dennis when he is putting her to bed, "I want you to stay too long."

-E likes playing with toys and sets everything up a certain way. She doesn't like sharing her stuff much at all anymore and gets seriously upset if someone moves a toy she put in a certain place.

-Potty training is coming along. We've got number one down for the most part. No progress with numero dos quite yet.

-She has become shy when meeting new people and will just make up silly words when asked a question. The other day E went on for a good 30 seconds with her silly words and when we asked what she was doing, she answered "I'm talking in Spanish."

-E won't wear skirts or dresses and it is a struggle to get her to wear shorts. "I don't wear skirts or dresses" she says.

-E is paying more and more attention to Madelyn. We've started M on puffs and E loves feeding them to her (in my proximity of course). She will hug and kiss M and will run to check on her in the morning

-E loves it when our neighborhood kids are out. Most of the kids on our street are older and she thinks its fun to follow them around.

-We've entered the "Why" stage

-This girl has some sass. That's all I'm saying about that.

-E loves the beach. She wishes we could go everyday and she wants to go into the ocean. We went yesterday evening and told her we weren't going to get wet. She proceeded to get her hands all messy with sand and told us she had to go to the ocean to clean them off.

-When she was little, Dennis asked me when the day would come when our kids would run up to him as he walked in the door from work. Well, that day is certainly here.

-She has become much more cuddly. Some days after she gets up from her nap, she will come onto our bed and just cuddle with me. It's wonderful.

-Instead of saying "scared" she says "scarry." I was "scarry" of the fireworks (which she eventually loved)

-Our nightly routine goes like this: Dennis brushes her teeth, puts her in jammies, reads her a story and covers her up. She plays for a bit and then I come in and tell her a story from when she was a baby. The favorites include when we found out we were pregnant with her, when we went to the gym everyday when she was a baby, when we found out Madelyn was coming and going to music class. Then I cover her up. She usually plays more after that and eventually falls asleep.

-E loves reading books. Lately she loves Henry and Mudge Books.

-She still has her pretend pets, two dogs and two cats, "Woofy and Poofy and Meowy and Powey."

-She picks flowers for me and brings them to me and says, "I thought you would like it."

-E loves bunny noodles (boxed mac and cheese) and "bars" (nutra grain type bars). She could live off them and fruit

-For breakfast everyday she has peanut butter and jelly and some kind of fruit. The sandwich is almost always cut into some type of shape, lately pumpkins or ghosts, as Halloween are the only cookie cutters we have

We love this girl more and more everyday and are constantly amazed and proud at the girl she is becoming. We truly love being around her and think 2 and 3/4 is a pretty awesome age to be!

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