Monday, July 19, 2010

Madelyn at 9 months!

So we're officially at the point where she's been out just as long as she was in!

Our baby is a wonder to behold and we think she is so awesome!

So a lot has happened with Madelyn this month:

-She claps, she waves, can do "so big" and will cover her eyes with her hands when asked, "Where is Madelyn."

-Waving is especially fun and she knows to do it when meeting someone new. She gives everyone a big grin and waves (hands turned in of course). People melt all over the place.

-No teeth but lots of new food! We've started baby "puffs" which she loves. Although, she has not quite figured out how to get them to stay in her mouth. She moves them to her mouth, kind of just licks them but doesn't know how to push them in. I've started pulvarizing most of the food we eat (oatmeal for breakfast, chicken, rice and veggies for dinner) and I feed it right to her. She loves everything but bananas (seriously...are we sure this is my kid!)

-No crawling yet. I'm honestly starting to be a bit concerned so I'm making sure to give her lots of tummy time. M can move backwards and gets up on her hands and knees. She can move from that position to sitting but just really hasn't figured out how to get forward momentum.

-Still no teeth either! This is perfectly fine with me as I'm still nursing and the pediatrician said it's no big deal...they'll probably all come in at once.

-At her checkup this week, they asked if she had any stranger anxiety and I said, "No, not really." Well, in the days following she proved me wrong! She didn't want to go to any new people when we had friends in town this weekend and wanted someone she knew around at all times. That being said, she is very friendly and is willing to give a big smile when meeting someone new, as long as mom is there to hold her.

-She LOVES E and will squeal with delight when Elyse walks into the room. They are becoming good buddies.

-She explores a lot, wants to grab everything she can get a hold of (I think she'll be much happier with things once she starts crawling). Still doesn't put as much in her mouth as most babies do.

-She has a new friend, her little brown cuddly bear. It is with her every night, she hugs, kisses and loves on it.

-I've started fixing her hair. Isn't it fabulous!!! (I love having babies with a lot of hair!)

-Madelyn is a giggler. Today she was playing on the floor while I worked on the computer a bit and whenever I looked at her, she cracked up.

-She likes books, especially ones with pictures of babies.

-M loves going to "school" with Elyse and grins, claps along and dances with the music they play.

-M also just starts dancing whenever music plays. She rocks and wiggles back and forth.

-She's sleeping through the night! Usually until about 6 or 7 with two pretty good naps (which are even better now that I've adjusted things a bit). Up around 7, nap at 9:30 another nap at 1. Life is pretty good!!!

This baby is awesome! If we custom ordered her from a catalog I'm not sure we could have made a better selection!!!

I love cuddling with her, playing together and dancing. I think we all (Elyse included) fall more and more in love with this baby every day and can't imagine life without her!!

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