Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Playroom!!

I've really enjoyed having a new house to decorate. It's great to know we are going to be here for three years (long for us) and that makes decorating worth it! And, since we are only going to be here for three years I think we just do want we want to do and don't worry about long term usefulness.

Because of a limited budget and time, we've kind of taken a "one room at a time" approach starting with the garage (AKA man cave) and the playroom. (Man cave not yet will come when it is).

So here are some shots of the playroom. It's the first room we enter coming in the house.

My brother just sent us the prints over the bookshelf. They are by an artist called strawberry luna. He sent an "E is for Elephant" for Elyse and an "M is for Monkey" for Madelyn. So cute! (and the blue accent in both pics matches our walls perfectly!)

Here's were the toys are!! The pic above the shelves is from a book Dennis wrote for me back when we were in college. It is called "How Franks Fell in Love with Andrea Lady" and is a kid's book version of our "love story." (A side note...I was out of town one weekend in college and came back to find the awesome book he wrote me along with all my clothes washed and folded...I hated going to the laundromat! It was one of the nicest things anyone had done for me). Anyway, for our first wedding anniversary, Dennis took one of the pictures from the book and drew it big so we could hang it up.

We bought this chair from World Market. The pillow was my first sewing project in this house. This chair is my favorite place to sit in the house. I come here to read, drink a glass of wine or sit and pray. Above is our canvas from our photo shoot with Nicole. I bought the letters for PLAY above the window from Michael's, stealing an idea from one of the photos I saw here. (I signed up for a weekly e-mail from this website...they have lots of good ideas.)

And last but not least, this might be my favorite piece of furniture in the house. It is from Ikea, designed to store shoes. I saw one in my friend's house by her back door and I had to have one. It is the perfect place to store shoes along with all the little junk that gets in piles around the house. The bottom right corner belongs to Elyse, one is full of hair stuff, one is full of "mama" stuff and the other is just stuff.

Want to come over and play????


*plum*tree*studio* said...

so cute! i love the blue and those prints are adorable! that is the sweetest story about the book!! btw..i'm jenny's sister. ;)

The Wilkins said...

Love it, so many cute ideas in one room... I need to see it in person!

KatolinFamily said...

Hi Dana! I know who you are and love your blog!

Yes, Jess, you guys will def have to come over soon and play. We need to set up a time to get together soon!