Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Madelyn at 10 months!

(First I want to start out this blog post by saying...I am acutally on time for this one!)

The last month has been all about moving for our little Miss M!

Last week she finally figured out forward momentum and she hasn't looked back since. Madelyn had been able to scoot backwards for awhile but she finally figured out how to go forward. And let me say...she is one happy crawler. She loves being able to get to whatever she wants and is exploring all kinds of things. (Including the teeny tiniest little fuzz on the carpet which she takes straight to her mouth! Thank goodness for the dust buster).

She is making all kinds of babbles and I think we can officially say she has said her first word. It is......MAMA! (Small victory for me). Not sure if she always means it but I'm pretty sure she does mean me from time to time.

Madelyn is also signing a bit (we think). She loves the little baby air puff things (interesting fact: serving size 75 pieces with a calorie count of only 25!). We made up a sign for that that pretty much looks like waving and she does it when we say puff to her. But it could be a wave too. Or maybe the sign for milk. They all pretty much look the same from a baby's hand. But I'm pretty sure she means puffs.

Now that she has crawling down, I think this girl is ready to walk! Her favorite thing to do lately is to grab onto my hands and cruise around the house. She gets seriously upset when I try to put her down. Who knows...walking might come soon!

Elyse is loving Madelyn more and more and M loves the attention she gets from her big sister. I love this pic below. Does anyone notice I am about to pull my sister's hair???

I think Madelyn understands "kiss" because she will open her mouth wide when I tell her I want a kiss.

She gets snotty noses a lot.

She still doesn't have any teeth. Are they in there????

Madelyn is such a cuddler. Elyse would only cuddle if she didn't feel good but Madelyn is my little snuggle bug. She lays right on my chest when she is sleepy. There's nothing like it!

And speaking of sleeping, we have some newly developed issues in the sleep department. Now that she can sit up and move around, the baby I put into bed laying down sits up but doesn't know how to lay back down. Today we had a long struggle with her nap that ended in defeat for me. Tonight, we let her cry a bit and she ended up sleeping sitting up against the side of her crib. Poor baby!! Lessons in position transfer are coming tomorrow!!

Madelyn makes friends wherever she goes. She's a happy girl and will wave at whoever she sees.

We love this baby!!!!


*plum*tree*studio* said...

she is such a cutie!! she looks so cute with her little piggy tails! i was wondering if she was pulling her big sis's hair in that picture. hehe. hopefully our little one will be around this age when we bring him/her home...it seems to be the best age! oh and i really do want one of those scratch and sniff shirts! lol.

KatolinFamily said...

It really is a great age!

The scratch and sniff shirt is from Old Navy. I looked online but couldn't find it. Maybe they still have them in the stores. They are girls shirts but maybe an extra large girl size would fit us. :)

Angela said...

I hardly recognize her in the first picture - not use to seeing the serious face and pigtails! It's funny I just recently noticed the puff serving size myself - craziness! You are doing such a great job with your two beautiful girls!

Jamie and Dan said...

What a cutie pie!