Monday, August 30, 2010

Project Number 1

I know I've been MIA the past few's with good mom was here!

We had a great visit. She got to spend lots of quality time with the girls, and was able to be a part of our everyday life (from the morning call of "mama! pappy! nana! It's orange light!" to the bedtime call of "mamacanyoutellmeastoryfromwheniwasababyandcovermeup!!!!")

Much to Dennis's chagrin, we had a project list on the fridge within a few hours of her arrival. I am very luck to have both a very crafty, talented mom and one who likes projects as much as I do.

The first thing we (she) worked on was this table cloth. Our table always looks dirty. It just shows every mess and even after cleaning it it shows water stains. I wanted a table cloth that could wipe clean but didn't want a plastic outdoor one. My mom used laminated fabric to make my diaper bag so I actually had the idea to use it to make a table cloth. Then, when I mentioned it to my mom she said she already saw it on another blog. I liked her look and ended up buying the same fabric.

It drapes nicely and is perfect for cleaning up messes that come from this kind of fun...

And these pictures reminded me of seeing the same too love birds two years ago (this is E not M at M's age!)
More pics of our projects to come!

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