Saturday, September 11, 2010

Madelyn at 11 months!

I can't believe it! This year has flown by. One year ago I was a very large lady looking forward to meet my baby girl. I knew she would be cute, but really, her cuteness is unbelievable!

Let's see, Madelyn is up to a lot this month. As I mentioned before, she LOVES to walk, walk, walk (holding our hands of course). We wear out long before she does. Crawling is OK but it is nothing compared to being fully upright. If I am holding her, she often tries to wiggle down out of my arms and searches for my hands to grab and start walking.

She is still a dancer and will move and grove when she hears tunes. She has some new dance moves including a little arm swing and a little booty shake.

Madelyn loves making new friends. Whenever we see people out they always comment on how happy she is. And she certainly is a happy baby but she is happiest when out and about, being held by one of us and getting to see new faces. She waves constantly at random strangers in restaurants even if they are not giving her the time of day.

We think this girl might be a performer. I might have mentioned this before, but any time she does something new or exciting, she checks to make sure everyone is watching her and does it with a big smile on her face.

Her eating has expanded. She now enjoys cheerios, pieces of bread, fruits, cereal, and baby food in the jars. She found Elyse's sippy cup with juice the other day on the floor and picked it up and went to town. We still have just a gummy smile...I'm really starting to wonder when those teeth are going to poke through (on a side note, a friend told me she heard from her dentist that the longer the teeth take to show up, the healthier they will be!)

Madelyn loves to play and explore. She finds the tiniest little innsy weensy crumbs on the floor and tries to put them in her mouth. I feel like I am constantly watching her to make sure she doesn't put something in her mouth (but interestingly she doesn't put toys in her mouth as much as the average baby does).

In the last few days, I have started to transition her down to just one nap. I'm not sure that she would be ready on her own, but her morning nap just consisted of a snooze in the car or in the stroller and our fall schedule doesn't really give us time for a morning nap for her (we're girls on the go!) . She seems to be adjusting just fine and taking a long nap in the afternoon (and sleeping in a bit later in the morning...happy for me!)

Madelyn's hair is growing and growing. Dennis told me today that he is going to give her bangs. I am totally opposed and told him we just need to get through the awkward stage (every woman who has ever grown out bangs understands, right?) Her hair does get in the way sometimes (often) as evidenced by the pic below.
Madelyn is a beautiful happy snugly little babe and we are so thrilled to have her part of the Katolin family.


Milles Family said...

She's super duper cute. I say stay away from bangs. Those curls need to stay untouched! :O) :O) :O)

Amanda Finn said...

No bangs! :) I still clip Lucy's back every morning. We call her "Little Critter" because when her hair is everywhere she looks like the Mercer Meyer character. Oh, and she only had 2 teeth at 13 months and had 12 at 18 months. It was a LONG five months! Good luck. Your girls are adorable!

The Wilkins said...

All so true, she is just a delight to be around. Had a great time with you both last weekend.