Saturday, October 16, 2010

Elyse at THREE!!

Our little baby girl turned three this month. It's amazing how time flies. Just three years ago she was this little thing and now check her out!

Our three year old Elyse is quite a hoot. I feel like I am getting a bit of a glimpse into the person she is going to be. I always just sort of assumed that because she is my daughter and because we kind of look alike that we would have similar personalities. Turns out that is not the case (and is a lot of fun!)

Unlike her mama who was a total goody goody and a people pleaser at three (who? me?) Elyse is a bit of a toddler rebel (but does it in her own charming way). Here is an example. We have started "mommy and me" preschool. We start with circle time and sing "The 7 Days in the Week" song. Elyse knows perfectly well how many days in the week there are but on day one decided to sing "There is one day, there is one day, there is one day in the week..." She knew she was being funny and no one really minded that she wasn't following along. She also decided she didn't want to stand up for the pledge or run around the track for the train song. She didn't yell or scream, just decided to do what she wants to do (and I kind of respect that actually).

Her imagination is growing and I often find her up in her room reenacting some of the things we do on a daily basis. She loves to play store and restaurant and gather food for us.

Potty training is still is going pretty well. We keep her in underpants all day long now and she does great. Just in case anyone is dying to know, pooping on the potty is not quite there yet, although she did go tonight and laughed that it looked like a banana! (I know you wanted to know that!)

She likes to color and draw and has actually started drawing some recognizable things. Check out this octopus she drew the other day. She even made sure there are eight legs!

Elyse is a bit of a scardy cat. She covers her ears with her hands anytime there is music that is slightly loud or when the fish burps at the end of the "Slippery Fish" song at school. She certainly does not like dressed up characters like the ones at lego land.

I still love shopping with Elyse and we have fun conversations as we walk together.

She asks fun questions and is interested in things like the moon's travel to China each night.

Her diet is limited. Mac and Cheese still the number one choice. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with fruit are usually the breakfast selection. Vegetables are something to be avoided except for the occasional pea (and the spinach that mom sneaks into her mac and cheese!) She wants to pick the restaurant when we go out to eat and always picks Panera (her St. Louis roots shining through!)

Elyse and Dennis are really growing closer. She RUNS to him each day when he comes home from work. She is excited to tell him about her day and gets excited when she finds out it is Saturday and Pappy doesn't have to work today. They still enjoy their weekly breakfast dates to McDonalds. He was in the field last week and she told me one night, "I miss Pappy because I like having our family all together."

I think Elyse might end up being a big of an introvert. While she likes playing with her friends, she doesn't mind playing by herself. Sometimes when kids are playing down the street and I ask if she wants to join in, she doesn't always want to (while I am dying to go get some adult interaction and conversation!)

She will approach kids at the park and ask their names (really cute). She loves to ride the swing especially the "Uno, dos, tres" swing where we give her three big pushes, counting in Spanish.

Lately, she thinks Madelyn is HILARIOUS especially when she says funny "words" when I ask her a question. She is very helpful and nice with her (most of the time) and will bring Madelyn her bear or a toy. She has even started hugging and kissing Madelyn (again, when she is in the right mood).

At night we continue our nightly ritual of Dennis putting her to bed and then I take over to "tellmeastoryfromwheniwasababyandcovermeup." When I ask her what story she wants to hear she replies, "One I HAVEN'T heard before from when I was a baby." I'm doing my best to keep them original but I'm really reaching for stories at this point. Then when I cover her up we have to do "Snug as a bug in a rug" and a bunch of other silly snug things from our day.

She loves school and doing projects and singing the songs. If asked to pick a song, she usually picks The Wheels on the Bus.
Two wasn't too terrible for us but the power struggles and temper tantrums we did have are lessening. Elyse is usually a kid who can be reasoned with (as long as she has had a good rest and has a full tummy).

She likes to watch Dora the Explorer and has started answering Dora's questions.

Her eyes are still blue and her hair curly.

We love this girl. She is fun and I can truly say that I LIKE her (and by that I mean I really enjoy her company!)

Welcome to three big girl!


Cindy said...

Love, love, love that little girl!!

Angela said...

Elyse, you are a gem!