Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Madelyn at ONE!

Happy Birthday to our Big Girl!

Madelyn is such a fun baby. In the past month she has really started to communicate with us. She signs a bit, "more", "water", "food" and her favorite food, "grape." She says a few words including "mama" "dada" and her most frequent word, "bear!" We finally figured out that when she says "GooK" and points at something she is saying "look" and she says that one all the time!

Speaking of "bear", she loves her teddy bears. She has two favorites and one has to go everywhere she does. She hugs and cuddles it. When I go to get her from her bed in the morning, she usually is standing up. As soon as she sees me she yells, "BEAR" and bends down to pick up one of her bears before coming to me. In the car she has started playing a game of throwing the bear onto the seat and yelling "bear" until someone passes her bear back to her.

Perhaps the reasons she likes her bear so much is because she loves to cuddle. Unlike her big sister, this girl will cuddle any time of day. She lays on me a bit before I put her to bed and a lot of the time when carrying her around the house she will lay her head down on my shoulder. (love that!!).

She is a happy girl. When we go down the street to visit the neighbors, people comment on how happy she always is. Most of that is because she LOVES to be around other people. She likes to watch kids and dogs run around.

This girl would be happy ALL the time if we were willing to constantly hold her hand and walk her around the house. She hasn't yet learned to walk on her own but that doesn't stop her from grabbing one of our hands whenever she can and cruising around the house. The easiest way to get her to cry is to try and take a break during one of our walking exercises. The scary thing lately is that when I put her down and she is mad she kind of bangs her head against the floor. No good.

Some teeth have finally come through! Two little ones are coming through on the bottom, preceded by some really crabby days. Hopefully some more are coming soon.

At the Dr.'s office we found out that this baby is tall and thin (about 75% for height and 23% for weight). My new goal is to put some meat on these little bones! I've added oil to her veggies and a touch of peanut butter to her morning oatmeal. We're working on getting her to take "toddler formula" to give her everything she needs after nursing is done (allergic to dairy so no regular milk for her).

She loves music and does the hand motions to twinkle, twinkle and Slippery Fish She loves putting stuff into containers. She loves coloring (and usually knows to stay on the paper).

What a great little baby we have! We love you Miss Madelyn!!!

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Cindy said...

I didn't know she was coloring! I love you too, Miss Maddy!!