Tuesday, November 30, 2010

13 things about our 13 month old

Now that Madelyn is a year old, I'm not sure how often I'll post her updates, but she has been up to a lot lately so I thought I would share:

1. She is talking, both with words and her hands. She very clearly (well to me) says: mama, bear, bye-bye, hi, thank you, baby, uh-oh and dada. With her hands (by signing) she says eat, more, water, book, hat, all done, and pick me up.

2. She loves to sit and read a book. In the picture above, she randomly signed book to Dennis, he grabbed this one and they sat and enjoyed it together in the middle of the kitchen!

3. She throws some tantrums! If she doesn't want me to set her down, she will lay down on the floor in protest or bang her head! We are ignoring it and it has gotten better.

4. She love to try and play with the big kids (especially when coloring is involved!)

5. She loves other babies too! In this picture a friend came over to visit when Madelyn was napping and she was so excited to come downstairs and see another baby!

6. Madelyn is a very "tactile" child. She loves to cuddle and will sit for minutes (a long time for a one year old!) if Dennis is kissing her back.

7. I think we can officially say she is a walker! Madelyn will pull herself up on a person or a piece of furniture and walk across the room to another person or piece of furniture. She still won't let go of a hand if she has to walk more than a few feet. I think she can do it, just needs the confidence to do it on her own!

8. Madelyn loves her sister! Lately they have had a lot of fun cracking each other up. They crawl and chase each other up and down the hall or tickle each other.

9. She can point to her nose and her hair.

10. We are down to one nursing session a day. She is actually drinking her "toddler soy formula" and I am thrilled. We will probably wean-her in the next few weeks. (I'm looking forward to my cheesy lasagna and hot fudge sundae!)

11. This girl is a little clown! Once she does something that makes us laugh she will do it again and again and laugh right along with us.

12. Everyone on our street says she's the happiest baby that ever was but they only see her when she is walking around holding my hand...a favorite thing to do!

13. She loves to sing songs...favorites are Twinkle Twinkle, Wheels on the Bus and Slippery Fish.

Cinderella Goes to the Ball!

One of my favorite things about being married to a Marine is the Birthday Ball.

The Marine Corps is big on tradition and throws a big birthday party for itself every November 10.

We haven't been to the ball since before Elyse was born (4 years ago!) so it was a big treat to be able to get dressed up and go out with just my hubbie!

Our good friend here watched the girls for us (thanks Jenny!)

We enjoyed the 45 minute drive, just some quiet time to talk (without passing any snacks to the back seat).

The ball was fun. We started in an officer's cocktail hour where I was able to meet some of the people Dennis works with. Then we moved into the banquet hall for the main event. There was a ceremony (which included the passing of a piece of cake from the oldest Marine to the youngest Marine) and a guest speaker. We ate a yummy dinner and the dance music started!

Although we didn't join in on much of the dancing, it was fun to see some of the "moves" of the younger Marines on the dance floor. (Made us realize we are past our prime).

We left shortly after the music started and made our way home (after waiting 20 minutes to get out of the parking garage!)

It was a great night, if for no other reason than to spend some time one-on-one with my prince!

My neighbor is a great photographer and was nice enough to snap a few shots of us before we left.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I just realized I never posted pictures from Halloween so here we go!

This year we had a pumpkin....

and a little pink scary monster (we thought about making Madelyn a black cat but I just couldn't resist putting this costume on her. It is one of my favorite costumes ever!!)

Here is E in the same thing a mere two years ago...

This year, we went trick-or-treating in the neighborhood with our friends the Pellerins. Elyse loved getting the candy and told me the other day she wants it to be the end of October again so we can have another Halloween. Madelyn loved walking all over the place.

A fun Halloween! :)

Monday, November 15, 2010

The Trade-off

Dennis and I have had a few days in the past few months of feeling sorry for ourselves. Sorry that we don't have more time to just sit and relax or to go out to a long dinner together or to work on a project or play video games. Two little girls keep us too busy to do those things we want to do.

But in a conversation one night about this very topic, Dennis said something to me that clicked. It's a trade-0ff. We are willing to pay so much money for something new from the store, and while we don't have that money anymore, the new thing is worth giving up the money.

And the same is true with these little girls. We have decided they are worth giving up a bit of freedom to do whatever we want. The joy these girls bring into our lives certainly beats a night out at the movies.

So while we might not have the cleanest house or the opportunity to travel the country, we are blessed with a wonderful family. When I feel frustrated or selfish, I remember that they are worth it.

I still have my feelings of frustration but remembering the trade off has really helped me to keep perspective this past week.