Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Cinderella Goes to the Ball!

One of my favorite things about being married to a Marine is the Birthday Ball.

The Marine Corps is big on tradition and throws a big birthday party for itself every November 10.

We haven't been to the ball since before Elyse was born (4 years ago!) so it was a big treat to be able to get dressed up and go out with just my hubbie!

Our good friend here watched the girls for us (thanks Jenny!)

We enjoyed the 45 minute drive, just some quiet time to talk (without passing any snacks to the back seat).

The ball was fun. We started in an officer's cocktail hour where I was able to meet some of the people Dennis works with. Then we moved into the banquet hall for the main event. There was a ceremony (which included the passing of a piece of cake from the oldest Marine to the youngest Marine) and a guest speaker. We ate a yummy dinner and the dance music started!

Although we didn't join in on much of the dancing, it was fun to see some of the "moves" of the younger Marines on the dance floor. (Made us realize we are past our prime).

We left shortly after the music started and made our way home (after waiting 20 minutes to get out of the parking garage!)

It was a great night, if for no other reason than to spend some time one-on-one with my prince!

My neighbor is a great photographer and was nice enough to snap a few shots of us before we left.

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