Monday, November 15, 2010

The Trade-off

Dennis and I have had a few days in the past few months of feeling sorry for ourselves. Sorry that we don't have more time to just sit and relax or to go out to a long dinner together or to work on a project or play video games. Two little girls keep us too busy to do those things we want to do.

But in a conversation one night about this very topic, Dennis said something to me that clicked. It's a trade-0ff. We are willing to pay so much money for something new from the store, and while we don't have that money anymore, the new thing is worth giving up the money.

And the same is true with these little girls. We have decided they are worth giving up a bit of freedom to do whatever we want. The joy these girls bring into our lives certainly beats a night out at the movies.

So while we might not have the cleanest house or the opportunity to travel the country, we are blessed with a wonderful family. When I feel frustrated or selfish, I remember that they are worth it.

I still have my feelings of frustration but remembering the trade off has really helped me to keep perspective this past week.


Cindy said...

He's one smart guy!

Angela said...

Great post. When our number two came along I REALLY struggled with my loss of freedom. The bigger they get the more I'm gaining some back (the big one begs me to go to her aunts house now) but truly I know we are going to look back on these days as the best years of our life. Everything is so simple now. It is easy to protect and love them. We've been playing phone tag for ahwile now - I'm thankful for your blog!!

Milles Family said...

What a perfect post! It is hard to remember the trade off!
However...on the other hand...a date once every 6 months doesn't sound like a too terribly selfish request.......