Friday, January 28, 2011

Lessons in Motherhood #45,457

Yesterday I had all kinds of plans for the day. I had a bunch of cleaning and laundry I wanted to get done around the house, along with showers and baths and everything else that needed to happen in the day. I even made myself a sign that said "Be incredible" and hung it on the fridge for inspiration (don't worry...I already know what a dork I am!)

However, every time I started a new task, I felt like I was being interrupted by one of my sweet little girls. Elyse wanted a refill on her milk and then help going potty and then for me to color with her. Madelyn just wanted me to pick her up and not put her down. After a quick bath and a failed attempt at a shower (just as I was starting to wash my hair, Madelyn fell and needed some extra TLC) I decided to throw all plans to the wind. We all got dressed, piled in the car and walked around the farmer's market for a bit. I left the house a disaster and tried to convince myself that I would get to it during nap time.

The sun was just what we needed (it was 75 degrees here yesterday!). Madelyn did fall asleep on the way home messing up my plans for them napping at the same time, but I decided that was OK too.

Elyse and I were able to enjoy a great lunch date on the back porch. It's not something that I could have planned but I'm so glad it happened!

Motherhood certainly brings it's many lessons. I'm trying to learn that I can't be in control of everything and sometimes things don't go according to my plan.

It reminded me of this post.

And here are a few pics from our lunch date on the back porch.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


We went to M's 15 month appointment today so here's a little update on our Maddy-Moo.

She weighs 21lbs 4 oz and is 31.5 inches. That means she is tall and skinny...82% for height and 26% for weight (doc says that's fine!)

She can say a lot. Elyse and I complied a list and she can say over 50 words and we keep thinking of words to add. Yesterday I'll claim that she put her first two word phrase together...I'm pretty sure I heard "bye-bye bear" as she walked past the bear with her stroller.

She finally has another tooth poking out of her top gums.

She's all smiles except when she's not.

Still loves hear bears and Baby Signing Time.

Loves giving kisses to hear bears, her pappy and her sister.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

M's Baby Book

After E's first birthday, I made her a fancy baby book on Shutterfly. It's a nice place to look back and remember her first year.

I wanted to do something similar with Madelyn and thanks to this blog, I had a very easy time doing it! I knew I could have made her a pretty one on Shutterfly too, but this time I decided to do things a little different. And while it isn't as fancy, I think I like it a bit better.

I just printed off all the relevant posts from this blog...when, I announced we were pregnant, when I announced we were having a boy (ha!), the story of her birth and then all the updates from the year. It might not be as pretty as Elyse's but it's more personal with updates of what was happening written when it was happening. I like reading my words at that point our lives together.

And while I was at it I decided to make one for Elyse at age two.

All I did was use some scrapbook paper to make a semi cute cover. Then I printed off the blog posts and put them in the binder.

I do use this blog as a record of our life and sometimes I worry how long it will last. When I'm 80, will blogger still exist and will my posts from 2007 still be on the internet?! With my printed pages in their acid free covers, I can at least hope to keep our memories from the past year.

And hopefully someday my girls will read these books and know how darn cute they were and how much we loved them!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me!

Today was my birthday. Just about all my favorite things were wrapped up into one day!

A husband with the day off. Sleeping in for me. Pancakes and bacon for breakfast. A trip here:
and then here:
A trip to Ulta for new hair products. And then a family run in our backyard.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Amazon Mom-A Happy Discovery

We use Amazon for a lot of our shopping, for everything from books to diapers.

I had been using Dennis's account but he asked me to get my own, mostly because he didn't know when e-mails about orders were legit or not.

When I created my account I happily discovered something called Amazon mom.

The two best things:
1. I can order all our diapers at 30% off. They come right in the mail and we've signed up for them to be delivered once a month. That means I don't have to make a run to the commissary when we discover there's only one diaper left in the house and someone stinks.
2. It gives me a free trial of Amazon Prime. That means free two day shipping on just about everything! And, for every $25 spent they add on an extra month of Amazon Prime. That's super easy to do, as a pack of M's diapers are about $27.

Now just about anytime I need something, I check on Amazon first. I ordered an exercise band today to get my New Year's resolution in full swing. Much easier than loading two munchkins into the car and trying to find one in the store. And it's nice to be able to read reviews for anything I buy.

Find out more information here.

Saturday, January 1, 2011


We celebrated Christmas right her in California this year. We were really lucky to have my parents come out and join us!

It was a great trip with:
-Lots of "tak-go"s from Maddy
-Matching Santa jammies for the girls opened on Xmas Eve

-Traditional chocolate covered cherries for Dennis
-Lots of personalized gifts (a sequel to the "Franks and Andrea-Lady" book Dennis wrote for me back in college, a great print of the girls made by this artist, a "Property of Katolin Girls" shirt for Dennis, photo calendars, little quilts for the girls)

-A new Kindle for me
-Dennis's specialty omelets for breakfast
-Ham and Rum Cake for dinner
-A scooter that was forgotten in the garage as a last surprise gift (I really did forget)

-Just enough presents (E was hoping the night before that she would get two!)

-Cookie making (and tasting!)
-The street fair on Christmas Eve-Eve

-Fire on the beach on Boxing day
-A new elephant named "ppphhhhfffftttt" (my translation of an elephant sound)
-Our rendition of "Happy Birthday" to Jesus

We hope you and your family had a great Christmas too!