Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Amazon Mom-A Happy Discovery

We use Amazon for a lot of our shopping, for everything from books to diapers.

I had been using Dennis's account but he asked me to get my own, mostly because he didn't know when e-mails about orders were legit or not.

When I created my account I happily discovered something called Amazon mom.

The two best things:
1. I can order all our diapers at 30% off. They come right in the mail and we've signed up for them to be delivered once a month. That means I don't have to make a run to the commissary when we discover there's only one diaper left in the house and someone stinks.
2. It gives me a free trial of Amazon Prime. That means free two day shipping on just about everything! And, for every $25 spent they add on an extra month of Amazon Prime. That's super easy to do, as a pack of M's diapers are about $27.

Now just about anytime I need something, I check on Amazon first. I ordered an exercise band today to get my New Year's resolution in full swing. Much easier than loading two munchkins into the car and trying to find one in the store. And it's nice to be able to read reviews for anything I buy.

Find out more information here.


Rachael said...

Good stuff to know! Thanks.

The Wilkins said...

Been loving it!