Friday, January 28, 2011

Lessons in Motherhood #45,457

Yesterday I had all kinds of plans for the day. I had a bunch of cleaning and laundry I wanted to get done around the house, along with showers and baths and everything else that needed to happen in the day. I even made myself a sign that said "Be incredible" and hung it on the fridge for inspiration (don't worry...I already know what a dork I am!)

However, every time I started a new task, I felt like I was being interrupted by one of my sweet little girls. Elyse wanted a refill on her milk and then help going potty and then for me to color with her. Madelyn just wanted me to pick her up and not put her down. After a quick bath and a failed attempt at a shower (just as I was starting to wash my hair, Madelyn fell and needed some extra TLC) I decided to throw all plans to the wind. We all got dressed, piled in the car and walked around the farmer's market for a bit. I left the house a disaster and tried to convince myself that I would get to it during nap time.

The sun was just what we needed (it was 75 degrees here yesterday!). Madelyn did fall asleep on the way home messing up my plans for them napping at the same time, but I decided that was OK too.

Elyse and I were able to enjoy a great lunch date on the back porch. It's not something that I could have planned but I'm so glad it happened!

Motherhood certainly brings it's many lessons. I'm trying to learn that I can't be in control of everything and sometimes things don't go according to my plan.

It reminded me of this post.

And here are a few pics from our lunch date on the back porch.

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Anonymous said...

I love this post and your brutal honesty. You achieved incredible-ness by giving your daughters exactly what the needed. What better gift is there than that?