Wednesday, January 26, 2011


We went to M's 15 month appointment today so here's a little update on our Maddy-Moo.

She weighs 21lbs 4 oz and is 31.5 inches. That means she is tall and skinny...82% for height and 26% for weight (doc says that's fine!)

She can say a lot. Elyse and I complied a list and she can say over 50 words and we keep thinking of words to add. Yesterday I'll claim that she put her first two word phrase together...I'm pretty sure I heard "bye-bye bear" as she walked past the bear with her stroller.

She finally has another tooth poking out of her top gums.

She's all smiles except when she's not.

Still loves hear bears and Baby Signing Time.

Loves giving kisses to hear bears, her pappy and her sister.

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