Tuesday, January 25, 2011

M's Baby Book

After E's first birthday, I made her a fancy baby book on Shutterfly. It's a nice place to look back and remember her first year.

I wanted to do something similar with Madelyn and thanks to this blog, I had a very easy time doing it! I knew I could have made her a pretty one on Shutterfly too, but this time I decided to do things a little different. And while it isn't as fancy, I think I like it a bit better.

I just printed off all the relevant posts from this blog...when, I announced we were pregnant, when I announced we were having a boy (ha!), the story of her birth and then all the updates from the year. It might not be as pretty as Elyse's but it's more personal with updates of what was happening written when it was happening. I like reading my words at that point our lives together.

And while I was at it I decided to make one for Elyse at age two.

All I did was use some scrapbook paper to make a semi cute cover. Then I printed off the blog posts and put them in the binder.

I do use this blog as a record of our life and sometimes I worry how long it will last. When I'm 80, will blogger still exist and will my posts from 2007 still be on the internet?! With my printed pages in their acid free covers, I can at least hope to keep our memories from the past year.

And hopefully someday my girls will read these books and know how darn cute they were and how much we loved them!


The Wilkins said...

Hey I just got my first year of blogging 2006-2007 printed, I'll let you know how it turned out when I get it. I did it on Sharedbook.com

KatolinFamily said...

That's awesome, Jess. I'm checking it out now. I've never heard of it before.