Sunday, March 20, 2011

2011 Memory Jar

I've been meaning to make this for awhile! I saw this idea back in January on a blog and thought it was genius! Can't find the original post, but this family sets a jar in the entryway, a new one each year. They add little mementos from the year: movie tickets, receipts, drawings, etc. Then they are all lined up on a bookshelf and it's easy and fun to go down a trip from memory lane.

I bought this jar back in January but it was in Dennis's car and I kept forgetting to take it out when he was home.

I found the best family shot from this year that I could find and used Picnik to add the year.

So far we just have my medal from the half-marathon I jogged earlier in the year. I'm excited to see what other treasures we will add!


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Jennie said...

this is such a great idea- and I even have a jar ready... now just to find a photograph! Thank you, I love to save all those little bits and pieces but I never have anywhere to put them- this is such a simple idea and I bet it looks great when its full :)