Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Clippie Board

It takes a lot to control hair like this!

We had clips and bows and such out of control so I decided to do this easy project to get it all organized. I had a frame with broken glass and decided to use it. All I did was take the cardboard inside the frame and cover it with this piece of fabric (used good ol' duct tape to secure).

Then I secured the ribbons on (with duct tape) and put it back in the frame. The clippies fit right on the ribbons and we have an instant clippie organizer! Easy-peasy!
It's in the bathroom now, right next to the mirror so the girls can watch me fix their gorgeous locks!


Cindy said...

Cute idea, Andrea!

Rachael said...

That's adorable! So duct tape is the thing holding them on? It doesn't look like duct tape.

KatolinFamily said...

There are a few rows of ribbon strong across the board...the duct tape holds the ribbon and the fabric onto the back of the cardboard. Does that make sense?

Milles Family said...

You are so crafty! :O) The girls' hair is absolutely adorable! :O)