Monday, April 11, 2011

Madelyn at one and a half!

Girls with birthdays just a week apart make it easy to keep things like this updated!

Today Madelyn turned one and a half! Yipee!

Madelyn is growing up fast and turning into a fun little girl.

She is still a cuddly, happy girl, now with an occasional fit thrown in. She knows what she wants and is usually pretty good at letting us know what it is.

The vocabulary is increasing fast. She can say just about anything she wants from food to toys to people. She has sneaked in a few two or three word phrases on occasion too, "Bye-bye bears" or "I see doggy." She can repeat back just about anything we say and her pronunciation is getting better.

She loves playing outside and a few times each day will say "outside" and then run to get her shoes. She then makes sure that everyone else has shoes too, going to Elyse's cubby and then my spot to make sure we put our shoes on. She is pretty into possessives too and will deliver shoes, clothes or drinks to the correct person when she finds them lying around. (Even when we have friends over she will bring the right shoes to the right person!)

Madelyn still loves to cuddle and freely gives out hugs and kisses to everyone in the family. She lays on us as we rock in the chair before she goes to bed at night (bliss!).

She loves books and on occasion we will find her sorting through a basket of books on her own, often reading the story to herself in her jibberish language. She insists on reading "Brown Bear" every night before bed.

She loves to color. She asks for help when she needs it. She dramatically shouts "all done" when finished with a meal. Mealtimes have become a bit of a struggle on occasion but Madelyn is still a great eater (loves her noodles).

This girl has a strong will and on occasion, will put up quite the fit. For example, she doesn't like holding my hand when crossing the street and will attempt to sit on her booty in the middle of the road. (I of course then have to drag her kicking and screaming!)

Madelyn and Elyse (knock on wood) get along great and Maddy is often looking out for her big sister. I give Maddy a cracker and she replies "Lee-see" meaning "Get one for Elyse too!" They hug and kiss on each other and have fun running away from me together. It is great to see.

She will mimic things we think are funny like a little "hot dog" skit Dennis likes to do. She laughs right along with him!

Madelyn loves going to "Mommy and Me" school. It's designed for Elyse's age group but she sits quietly with the group and sings the songs and pays attention. In fact, she does the motions and dances for a lot of the songs better than some of the three year olds (who just can't be bothered I guess).

She loves babies and will say, "I see baby" whenever we see one in a store. At a party yesterday, she played on the floor for awhile with the new one-year-old.

We love our Maddy-Moo!!!

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