Monday, April 4, 2011

Elyse at 3.5


We have a 3 and a half year old in the house (and she won't let you forget it!)

I thought it would be the perfect time to update anyone who cares to be updated on our beautiful girl.

Elyse's favorite pastimes include playing with her friends and her sister, coloring and "stickering." She loves celebrating anyone's birthday, whether real or made up by Elyse. Just about everyday I hear, "It's so and so's birthday. I am going to make them a card." And then she folds, cuts, colors and fills the paper with stickers. She really likes to put the cards in an envelope and put a pretend stamp on them.

Along with these birthdays, she has become aware of months and days and can name the birthday month of the most important people in her life. She also looks forward to holidays and says, "I can't wait until Fourth of July/Mother's Day/Thanksgiving/Groundhog's day."

She loves books, still picks "Henry and Mudge" as some of the favorites. Some other favorites are Grace for President, Boo-hoo Bird, Pinkalicious, and her Highlights magazine.

Elyse wants to be an artist when she is a grown-up (and in fact looks forward to many things about being a grownup, including using grown-up scissors).

Her food palate is selective (i.e. picky) but will eat all her fruits, pasta, sandwiches, some meat and peas if encouraged to do so. Cupcakes and ice cream take no encouraging. She does like the smoothies I whip up lately with spinach hidden in them.

She loves Mommy and Me school and sings and dances with her friends. She looks forward to craft time and can answer the questions the teacher asks.

She is friendly with new people, especially if we give her some background. She is a little timid to try new things (like the long tunnel slide at the park) but usually loves it once we make her give it a try.

She loves Target and Panera and Legos (and Legoland!)

She sometimes has trouble sharing or not doing things "her" way.

Elyse is a great big sister to Madelyn. I can tell they actually like each other! She is patient when Madelyn wants to color with her (usually) and thinks Madelyn is hilarious when she responds to our questions in gibberish or throws her cup on the floor one billion times.

We LOVE our girl and can't remember life before our Leesy-Loo!

Picture idea here.


Cindy said...

Andrea, I love the picture! Can you send me a copy?

Rachael said...

I love the picture too. What a cute idea!

Angela said...

Love the update!