Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Visit from Mom=Projects completed

We had a great visit with my mom last week!! We all love having her around.

And as you probably have already guessed, we worked on some projects while she was here. After a quick stop at our favorite fabric shop, this is what we made:

I made this pillow for my bed:

And this little wallet/key thing:

Notice I said "I"...I really did make these just about all by myself with only a few consultations from the master.

My mom sewed some new digs for my wardrobe...

Two maxi dresses, one in this pic and one in the pic below with my family

And a totally cute tunic to wear with my leggings. I haven't worn it yet...waiting for the perfect occasion but that might just have to be our trip to Target tomorrow because we do love that place!

On a side note, the picture with Dennis is from his change of command ceremony (he moved companies within his battalion). Maddy and I struggled through the ceremony...she just kept shouting "pappy". She didn't get why he couldn't just hold her! In a way it was cute but I was a little frustrated to cause such a disturbance. But she did calm down, and it was great to see Dennis in front of his new company of Marines. We are very proud!

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Brandi and Jeff said...

Cute dress Andrea! And congrats Dennis! Love you guys.