Thursday, September 15, 2011

Fabric Floor Mat

I saw this picture a few months ago on a blog and I've been wanting to make one ever since.

The blog didn't have much in the way of directions so I kind of had to wing it so here is what I did.

I started with a charm pack of Anna Marie Horner's new fabric line. Just like this one.

I arranged the squares how I wanted them and then sewed the squares together.

I decided to sew an old piece of home decorator weight fabric on the back but didn't want the layers to shift so I used a bit of wonder under in between.

I ironed it first to the back of the pieced side, peeled off the paper and then sewed the two layers together, right sides together.

Then I flipped it and ironed the second side of the wonder under in place.

Then I edge stitched around the whole thing (look, mom, I'm using the right foot!)

I took it outside and painted on two layers of rug backing. It made the fabric feel rubbery so it won't slide around (just like a rug you buy at the store). After two layers, it was set.

My initial plan was then to cover the front with modge podge. I thought this would make it sweepable and keep it clean. Instead, I decided to leave the front side alone. The rug backing is washable and I figured it would be easier to keep it clean by tossing it in the wash.

I love the punch of color this adds to the kitchen.


Cindy said...

Love it!!!

Nina said...

very cute! I'm jealous over how you find the time for all these projects :)