Saturday, October 22, 2011

4! 4! 4!!!

Early this month, we celebrated (the much anticipated by her) 4th birthday of our Elyse Katolin.

It seems like the perfect time to update you all on the girl that made us parents.

Where to start...

Elyse is funny, smart and sweet kid. Her mind is always going, thinking, planning, analyzing.

She loves school (mommy and me still), dance class, drawing.

Her pictures are so fun lately! She draws things like the pumpkin patch, elephants at a circus and her family (and they are actually recognizable!) Lots of times late at night, she is found on her bed creating pictures and cards for anyone in her inner circle. Letters have become part of her creations and she has even been able to sound out some words (Happy Birthday is "HBBDA").

Her mind is always going and it has led to some worrying. Sometimes she worries about germs. Often times her worries are about breaking the rules (a crying spell came in dance class when she said she hadn't paid attention to EVERYTHING the teacher said even though she had). This certainly pays off most of the time but I want her to relax and have fun a bit. 

But even as a rule follower, this girl is not a perfect angel.  She has her "freak out" moments when things don't go her way.  We're working on that.

Enough with the bad stuff.  This girl is fun.  She likes to make up songs about just about anything going on (a favorite is, "Up, Up, I like to be UP!" when she doesn't want to go to bed).  She is a great big sister and cracks up at Madelyn's silly antics.  She is a good friend and plays nice with other kids although she sometimes only lets the "sillies" out when she has known a friend for awhile.  She can play by herself pretty well but would rather Dennis or I join in on her pretend play (either restaurant, house, store).

Her favorite foods are still bunny noodles (boxed mac and cheese) and ice cream.  For her birthday dinner she picked bunny noodles, ham, carrots with honey and strawberries (the balanced meal took a little guidance from mama). 

She can hold her own in a conversation.  She can order her food at a restaurant.  She can get dressed, brush her teeth and clean up a bit on her own (notice I said she CAN...not that she always DOES).

She likes to read Fancy Nancy books, watch "Abby's Flying Fairy School" on Sesame Street and Pinky Dinky Do. 

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Angela said...

Love the descriptive update. Such an awesome kid.