Sunday, October 30, 2011

Our Life

I have a new camera (hurray!)  In order to get a little practice and figure out how to use it, I'm going to bring it with me everywhere I go this week and share some pictures.  They are imperfect and unedited but so is our life! :)

Morning dance party.  Teaching the girls how to "limbo."

Lunch at Chipolte.

Elyse likes to get food from Panera across the way.

Madelyn pretending to be asleep while she eats.

Pumpkin cookie

Dennis pretends to take a huge bite of the cookie

A stop at Lowes

What's cookin' in the new smoker?

Looking at pictures with Pappy.

Kisses from Pappy (looks like a bird pooped on our chair.  I think it's a toothpaste stain).

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