Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Madelyn at 2!

This girl is a hoot! At two Madelyn joy is  funny, loving, smart little girl. 

She loves Mommy and Me school, attention from her sister, and taking care of baby dolls.

Her language is really taking off.  She can speak in full sentences and just about everything she says makes sense (to me anyway).  She can count to 29 (not kidding...although she mumbled through the middle teens), say her ABCs and knows all her colors.  When she says an "l" sound she sticks her tongue out and moves it from side to side.  She loves to sing songs randomly as we move about our day.  Her favorite songs are Itsy Bitsy Spider, Slippery Fish and Waltzing Matilda (which was randomly in my head one day and then took off...although I was corrected by Madelyn today that it is Waltzing Atilda).

This girl is funny.  At two she already practices comedic timing and knows when she's telling a joke.  She loves to sing "Old MacDonald" and make us each an animal on the farm.  Dennis is a cow, Elyse a chicken, Madelyn a pig and I'm the duck.  And it says consistent every time she sings.  If we call her something like sweetie, she'll respond, "I'm not sweetie...I Maddy!"

She loves having her babies and stuffed animals around.  Most nights she has a whole zoo in bed with her and insists on each animal receiving an individual blanked to be "cover up."  She has to be covered up too (we've recently reduced the number of animals in the bed with her so to shorten our nightly routine!).

She likes to color, especially when Elyse is doing it.  Last night she drew scribbles and said, "Look!  A birdy!"  She can often be heard shouting, "Look, Mama (or Leesy or Pappy)" which comes out as "Yook!". Then we get to see her baby in bed or the bug outside or whatever new picture she drew.

She's a pretty good eater.  Here is a picture of her with broccoli on her head, her veggie of choice (this is a "Yook at me mama" moment).  The teeth are still coming in.  I see the "pointy" ones making their way on the bottom.  Someday this girl will have all her teeth.

Here's a picture of Madelyn sitting on the rug.  That's our time out threat.  It's rare that she ends up there but on this day she didn't want to put something away and decided herself that sitting on the rug was a better option!

She often likes to pretend she's asleep, and can hold an asleep pose for awhile!  Here she slept while eating her food at Chipolte and she'll stay like that for a good two minutes only to pop up and say, "I awake!"

She LOVES going to Mommy and Me school and seeing Miss Chris.  Here she is leading the Pledge of Allegiance.

No terrible twos here!  We love this girl and just can't get enough of her!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Just in case anyone is wondering, I promise to have an update on Maddy soon!

In the mean time, I just wanted to share my attempt today to recreate a picture I took of the girls together just after Madelyn was born.  

Here's today's attempt, two years later.  They were probably having a little too much fun.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Thanksgiving Tree

Just this morning, I ran across this post and decided to make one right away.

I printed off the tree added a little color on the trunk. I didn't have the right size frame, so I covered the inside of the frame with some fabric, taped the paper on top and stuck it into the frame.  I cut out the leaves from scrapbook paper and Elyse and I tapped them on (on top of the frame).

Everyday this month we'll write down something we're thankful for until Thanksgiving.

I think it makes the perfect addition to my newly painted dresser (along with the downed tree branches I added to the vase!)

Go and make your own!  It was super easy and is the perfect Thanksgiving decoration.

On Halloween

Happy Halloween! Hope you had a great one.

This year, Elyse decided to be a magician and Madelyn agreed to be an Octopus!

Not the best pic of Maddy but you can see her costume.  I bought a hoodie from Wal-Mart, cut three sections in the front and back and sewed tubes to make her tentacles.  Then I added felt for the eyes on her hoodie and for the suctiony things on her tentacles.  Fun!

Elyse decided to be a magician.  Making costumes are fun when the four year old has an opinion about how it should look.  We painted "Elyse the Great" on her shirt and made her a cape (pink and purple of course!)

Madelyn was the helper at Mommy and Me.

Can you guess what Dennis and I are for Halloween??? Stick people!  Easiest costume ever!  Copied the idea from here.  It would have been cooler  with the masks but we didn't want to walk around the neighborhood in a mask.