Wednesday, November 2, 2011

On Halloween

Happy Halloween! Hope you had a great one.

This year, Elyse decided to be a magician and Madelyn agreed to be an Octopus!

Not the best pic of Maddy but you can see her costume.  I bought a hoodie from Wal-Mart, cut three sections in the front and back and sewed tubes to make her tentacles.  Then I added felt for the eyes on her hoodie and for the suctiony things on her tentacles.  Fun!

Elyse decided to be a magician.  Making costumes are fun when the four year old has an opinion about how it should look.  We painted "Elyse the Great" on her shirt and made her a cape (pink and purple of course!)

Madelyn was the helper at Mommy and Me.

Can you guess what Dennis and I are for Halloween??? Stick people!  Easiest costume ever!  Copied the idea from here.  It would have been cooler  with the masks but we didn't want to walk around the neighborhood in a mask.

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kristie said...

thanks for featuring the stick costume! :)

glad you stopped by the blog. hope to see you again in the future. xo