Friday, December 9, 2011


In the past couple of weeks, we've had some totally awesome family time.  Dennis has been on leave and we've done lots of fun stuff together.  Here are some pics of some of it...

Elyse participated in her first ever dance recital.  Her costume is to DIE for!  She looked as cute as could be in her tutu.  But we'll be honest and admit that's where the fun stopped.  The performance was at a Christmas festival outside and the music was so loud that she stood up there and cried for the first 30 seconds or so.  It was kind of awful.  But then she danced and did great.  Dennis and I were both fuming afterwards...that situation was NOT designed for four year olds.  Since she loves dance, I think we'll be shopping for a new place to go.  But in the mean time, I'm so glad we have pictures of her in this cute little outfit!

We won't be in CA for Christmas so we decided to celebrate a little earlier.  Elyse wanted a cash register since she played with one at a friend's house MONTHS ago and luckily I remembered.  All day long she's been letting us know how much she likes it and that she's going to work at Chipolte when she grows up (with the trill of using a cash register on a daily basis!)

Madelyn got a train set but seemed more excited about the "dress-up box" we put together for the girls.  

Madelyn wasn't the only one who got in on the fun.

Elyse has been super creative and crafty.  Often she'll ask for some paper, her scissors and tape and come up with some creation.  In this picture, she made some gloves.  Clever, eh?

Madelyn has been a bit of a nudie lately.  We've resorted to cutting the feet out of her jammies and putting them on backwards.  Otherwise, we'll hear her shout "I'm naked" when she's supposed to be sleeping.  And as any intelligent person knows, we don't want a non-potty trained toddler to be in her birthday suit.

The girls switched rooms and I've been working on updating the decor a bit.  I made two curtains like this for Madelyn's room (super easy...panel of fabric with those clip ring things's not quite the right size but that's OK!)

 And tonight we went to the botanic gardens here for the winter light show.  Luckily we got the member discount and only paid $12 (I thought it would be free but the attendant informed us that this is a "special" event) because the lights were a bit of disappointment.  The lights were pretty but the quantity was less than expected.  Dennis said he's going to pay our neighbor's $12 tomorrow night because they have more lights on their house.  He's right.  But walking around with the girls bundled up in the wagon was arguably the best time we've had in the past two weeks.

 This may be a crazy crew, but there's no one else I'd rather share my life with.

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