Sunday, January 22, 2012

My Word for the year-Balance

Several bloggers I've read in the past few weeks have decided to come up with a word to describe their aspirations for the year.  I thought it would be cool to do the same but nothing came to me and I just let the thought rest in my mind.

That was until Wednesday, when as I lay exhausted on the couch, my word jumped right into my head.

For me, my word is balance.

Wednesday had very little balance for me.  I started the year and this month with many projects and plans running through my head.  My list from a few weeks ago speaks to this.  Last Wednesday, among the comings and goings of a normal day, I planned on cleaning and organizing the entire pantry along with rescuing the mess that was Elyse's room.  That might not sound like much, but along with all those tasks, I needed to take care of two girls, make meals, do my classwork.  Elyse is officially done with naps and hung out with me the entire day.

So I was busy.  And tired.  Everything I set out to do had been accomplished but I was spent.

I woke up on Thursday with the notion of balance in my mind and experienced a much smoother day.  I kept my self imposed chore list short.  I decided our new plan for nap time was for Elyse to hang in her room for an hour and then watch a short show (the super-mom of the day before was determined to keep the TV off in the afternoon).  I had time to myself.  We got dinner from Chik-Fil-A.  The day was much easier.

And when bedtime came, I certainly was tired but not emotionally exhausted.

So in finding balance, I plan to:
-Exercise most mornings but sleep in guilt free when my body needs it
-Find time everyday to just sit and be
-Keep my "to-do" list for the day short and doable (and let things go when they just don't get done)
-Keep our babysitter coming over each week so I have time to get my work done
-Drink a green smoothie in the morning and enjoy guilt free chocolate when I want
-Spend time with both my little girls and my grown-up girlfriends
-Complete my crafty "projects" but only when it's fun, not out of obligation

I think this focus will make for a more enjoyable 2012!

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