Thursday, January 26, 2012

Projects 1-4

I want to share some pics of my latest projects but I had to start off with these cute pics of my girls being creative.

 Fancy crown!

So here are my first projects of the year!

First up, this awesome pillow, inspired by an Anthropologie one, designed by my mom.  Isn't it awesome!  A great way to use up some scraps.

A few more pillows added to the mix, one already enjoyed by Elyse (I'll admit, I picked the fabric of this one but my mom actually put the pillows together for me...isn't she great!)

A new wreath for the front door:

A book of the this year's Christmas cards.  Cover from here.

And I recovered this $5 clearance lampshade with some new fabric.  I love the change (as long as the light is off...otherwise the design shines through!)


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Your girls are gorgeous, by the way!

Angela said...

Gorgeous pictures of the girls and love the projects too!