Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Family Pictures

My friend and neighbor, and amazing photographer, Sharon took pictures of our family a few months ago.  We thought the beach would be the perfect location, and it actually was, but not for the reasons we expected.  The fog was the worst I have ever seen.  We couldn't see 10 feet in front of us.

These pictures are amazing.  She was able to capture our family's moments, in spite of the fog.  And, in the end, I think the fog added some magic and mystery that never could have been achieved otherwise.

Thank you, Sharon!  I love the moments you captured with our family!


Sharon said...

so glad you like them! it was a fun night :)

Nina said...

These are fabulous! And I totally agree, the fog really does add something special to the photos. You have a beautiful family and you can see a lot of love in these pictures. Oh, and I would kill to have your long curly hair - so pretty!

Angela said...

Gorgeous! And I'm counting on YOU to be the photog when our girls see the ocean for the first time (if you're willing)