Saturday, February 4, 2012

Photo A Day Project

I think it's kind of funny that when I made my list of yearly goals, I mentioned that there is no way I could do a photo a day for a year and a month later, I have a picture calendar for every day in January.

It's all thanks to an app I got for my phone...Photo365.  These are all phone pics and in a perfect world, I'd love to have a picture from each day with my "good" camera, but I think these are pretty fun and help me remember the month of January.

I guess this "photo a day" thing for me is really meant to be because I just signed up for a photography class and the first week's assignment....start a Photo A Day project!  We're using the website Shuttercal and I think I'll switch to that program from now on.  It allows me to upload pictures from my phone or from the computer and as I'm trying to practice my good camera during this class, I'll try and use it as much as possible.  Here's the link to my Shuttercal account if you want to check it out:

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