Monday, February 13, 2012

Sisters Day

 I invented a new holiday to celebrate at our house.  We called it Sisters Day.

I think having a sibling is so important and I want to help build the relationship between the girls.  Hopefully we'll celebrate this day annually.

We celebrated with each girl giving the other a present and then a trip to Chuck-E-Cheese (who would have guessed we would be the only ones there at 9am on a Monday!)

Elyse and I painted these shirts for the girls yesterday too  They were super easy thanks to my Silhouette machine.  I used it to cut a stencil on freezer paper, we ironed it on and painted it with fabric paint (hopefully it will survive the wash).  Then my little artist had to add her own personal touch with some fabric markers.

Super fun day!  Elyse kept saying "I love sister's day!"  Four-year-olds are so easy to please! :)

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