Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Manual Mode

In my efforts to improve my photography, I've been taking an online class called Photosanity.  It's taught by a mom and photographer, and is all about getting better pictures of the kiddos.  I've learned a lot.  I really recommend it for anyone trying to learn more about using their DSLR to capture pictures about kiddos.  

I like that it's not all technical camera stuff (actually, so far, very little has been about actual camera settings). She has taught us how to get kids to cooperate (still working on that one), find the right light, use the light you have, and record family life through pictures.

Last week's lesson was about some technical camera stuff, and I learned for the first time how to shoot in full Manual mode.

Here are the pictures I took.  I'm certainly still getting used to it but I'm excited about the freedom that I'll have when shooting.

Here are my first tries in manual mode.

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Sharon said...

they look great!